2018 Phoenix Cup February 22nd – 25th

2018 Phoenix Cup Rules

A minimum of 6 LEDs on a minimum of 3 sides (back, and 2 sides) are MANDATORY

There will be a frame check in apon arrival, to verify that all LED’s are functioning.

This is a night race, anyone that does not have LEDs will be disqualified immediately.

Props: No bigger than 5″ props

Battery: No bigger than 4s (high voltage accepted)

Frame: Nothing bigger than 280mm

VTX: Limit 200mw (must have pit mode)

If no pilot completes a heat, all quadcopters must stay in crashed locations until judges determine positions. Positions will be based on progress – whomever makes it closest to the finish wins.

(One Flip Rule) – If all pilots crash before completion of the first lap, you will get one free flip over.

**Each pilot will use provided ground station (you will not be allowed to use your own)**

There will be assigned VTX frequencies given to you before the start of the race, you will be required to use given frequencies throughout the entire event

*we have a zero tolerance policy for drama, if you come to the race with intentions other than racing, having fun, and supporting the hobby you will be asked to leave*